Friday, June 12, 2009


It's been a busy week here. Monday we started re-shingling the roof on our house. My dad and mom were over. Dad to help Hubby, and Mom to help me :-D Progress was good for the first day, then Tuesday we (okay Dad and Hubby) ran into some trouble. Our roof had 4 layers of asphalt shingles, PLUS the cedar shakes from the last time it had been done. It's interesting what you find in 100+ yr old houses, isn't it. Wednesday had the previous day's section shingled. Now we're waiting to do the leaky part until Dad gets back from his missions trip to Mexico.

The boy went home with Grammy & Papa Wednesday to stay for a few nights. It's his first time away from home with out any of his sisters. I don't think he misses us too much from what Grammy says. I'm missing him a lot and so is everyone else. We're looking forward to his return tomorrow. Bean talked to him on the phone and said "I miss You Boy." I know he's having a blast on the farm. He's helping Papa build a chicken coop, and playing with Harrison the rooster (who is more like a pet dog than a farm animal). I can't wait for Auntie Kristin to post pictures. While he's gone, I've been busy getting ready for Bean's birthday. She is 2 today. We're having the family party tomorrow. Boy have I been cooking like crazy today. I even put the Bear and Bug to work while Bean was napping. I also let all the girls help me make rolls. Our menu for the party is:

Hot dogs and Hamburgers with Homemade Buns
Broccoli Salad(my mom & gram's recipe)
Grandma Eva's Baked Beans (Hubby's Gram)
Jello Salad (my gram's recipe)
Veggie Tray
Cake & Ice Cream

Everything is prepped except the veggie tray and the cake. I still need to cook that. I take the easy way out though with decorating. I bought a Blue's Clues cake topper set from the grocery store. Nice professional toppers for much less than the store bought cake. I love looking at my menu and seeing the "scrapbook" of recipes and our family's special dishes in it. It's like we have all of the members with us even though some of them have passed. Usually my parties are a group effort. This time I'm proud to say I've done almost all of it by myself. Grandma Wilda is bringing the Jello Salad, and that is the only dish I did not prepare. I'm quite proud of myself.

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  1. Wow, you should be proud of yourself, Susan; you sound like you have been one busy girl! Hope you had a great family party. They are the best, aren't they?