Saturday, September 11, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

My friend Kim has two of the most giving children I know. (I can say that because they're my "adopted" nieces). This past year for her birthday, the oldest daughter asked not for gifts, but money so she could buy ducks or geese from Samaritans Purse for a family in Africa. Isn't she great?? And she's only 5. I aspire to be a totally rocking mom like Kim. She challenges me in many ways. The girls also put together Shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child every year. So I've been thinking that the Shoe boxes are one of the most effective ways to teach my children about the true Spirit of Christmas....Sharing the Love of Jesus. This evening as I checked my facebook, I noticed that Laura @ HeavenlyHomemakers had recently posted about Operation Christmas Child. Her post was a link to Oxana's post, which has strengthened my resolve to have the 4b's (all 5 of them) participate this year, and as Oxana shared we will include one of the treasured letters in each of our boxes. So, please, go check out Oxana's Story and pass on the word.