Monday, June 22, 2009

A Trip to Grammie Cheryl's

It's been a long weekend for us. We left Thursday for a visit with my in-law's. They live 2 hours away. We started off our trip with a short stop at my mom's to pick up Bug and Bear who went for an overnight visit. They had lots of fun with Auntie Kristin & Auntie Kayla. They got to make cookies,

Bear rolling out the sugar cookie dough.

Bug rolling out her dough.

They played "Dress up" with all of Auntie Kristin's neat stuff.

They also planted beans in the garden. I wonder if this will mean they'll be more willing to try them in the fall since they had a part in planting them.



After we had picked up the girls and loaded them all into the car we were off on the remainder of our trip to the in-law's.

We had a wonderful visit with Grammie Cheryl, Pappy Dick, and cousin Nessa. We had planned lots of outside play and even a possible fishing trip on Pappy's boat. Unfortunately, the weather was not to cooperate and we had a rainy weekend. We did have lots of fun playing in the house, watching movies, and getting our hair cut~ Thank You Grammie!!

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