Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's Just Like Me

And it drives me absolutely bananas. I know. Which "She" you ask. Bug. Bug is just like me. She would rather dawdle than do her homework. Doesn't like to ask for permission before doing a craft because she's doing it as a gift for someone she loves. She's scatterbrained. Tonight, she forgot her spelling list for the 2nd night in a row because...?? Well I really don't know. But she did give me a good laugh tonight.

DH had ordered Girl Scout Cookies at work and they arrived. Bug and I sit across the table from each other. We were both eating a Tagalong (you know the chocolate peanut butter kind). I was nibbling the chocolate layer off my cookie edges first. DH started to laugh because Bug was sitting across the table from me doing the exact same thing. We had a good laugh. Usually when I see myself in Bug it drives me bananas. I'm not my biggest fan. But I've known so few people that eat cookies or pick the chocolate layer off of candy bars before eating the filling that it gave me a good laugh. I was able to enjoy that facet of her personality. I guess I need to focus less on how much our similarities drive me bananas to find the things about Bug that I can appreciate.

After all, she is my Bug and I do love her even if she drives me bananas.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Food for Thought

My friend Melanie shared this on her blog last week. I found it to be something that convicted me, and really made me think. I hope it provides you with some food for thought too.

My daily devotional was great today. Exactly the kind of thing I needed to reflect on and I though there might be other mom's out there who need to hear it as well.

Feb 10th: "My Child, how I will rejoice if you become wise. Yes, My heart will thrill when you speak what is right and just." Prov 23:15-16

My oldest son, Chad, owns a twelve-year-old white Pontiac Bonneville. It's served him well during his post-college years, carrying him to camping trips on the West Coast, friends' weddings on the East Coast, and back and forth to the high school where he teaches every day. But with over 160,000 miles on his car, he suspected that it might be approaching its demise. Recently, after his car failed an emissions test, Chad concluded that the car had indeed reached the end of the line.

When Chad showed me the charts and graphs he received from the Illinois Vehicle Inspection Station, I better understood the reason for emissions testing. The inspection station tests cars for carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) and hydrocarbons (unburned fuel that causes smog and contributes to eye and throat discomfort). A dictionary definition of the word emit is "to utter or exhale." After I read that, I got to wondering, What would happen if we moms were required to have periodic emissions testing on our speech? What if someone listened to us and tested the words that we utter throughout the day?

Would our words be full of kindness, truth, wisdom, and blessing? Or would they be found to be full of criticism, rumors, flattery, and anger? Although we probably all have days that we would fail the test, here's the good news: our problem with words is one of the reasons Jesus Died for Us! As we confess our sin and look to him for wisdom with our words, he will help us. A failed "emissions" test doesn't mean the end of the line for us! If we turn to Jesus, he will help us with necessary repairs.
One Year Devotions for Moms: Ellen Banks Elwell

Hope you enjoy that. ~Melanie

The original post is found at the Waltz Family's Blog

My kids are always saying things that I wonder "Where on earth did they come up with that?!?" Oops. Mama you need to watch what you're saying the Boy is especially fond of picking up on those things. I'm grateful that they can be my "emissions testers", but I do wish they would not pick up on those things. Especially since it is so difficult to get them to stop using the "foul emissions" that they pick up on. It is helping me to remember to curb my sarcasm and keep my tone kind and at a normal level instead of yelling so much. Kids are a great mirror for us. I look forward to seeing the good things that they pick up on too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

With the count-down at 47 days maximum till Little Bit's arrival we've begun to get ready. Last weekend, DH got the cradle out of storage and put it up in our room. We were blessed a few months ago with oodles of disposable diapers ranging from newborn to size 4 by one of DH's Co-workers that she couldn't use because her child has a sensitive bottom. Yesterday, DH and I had the opportunity to spend the day by our selves. We went shopping and I found the perfect little sleeper to bring Little Bit home in. It's pink with darker pink flowers and lady bugs on it. The feet are ladybug faces. I'm excited about it. The biggest thing we did to get ready for Little Bit's arrival, though is the new van we have sitting in our driveway. We've recently purchased a 12 (yes that's right) passenger van. My Freestyle, though it was a 7 passenger vehicle, just had no where to put the 5th car seat(not to mention once we took our first trip with all of Bean's baby paraphernalia, there was no storage space in the trunk either). While a mini-van would've been nice, DH insists I am absolutely NOT allowed to outgrow another car in 3 years, like I have the last 2. He figures that there's no way we will outgrow our new van. I'm not planning on trying to either and it also has plenty of storage space for all our stuff when we make the occasional overnight trip to visit family. I am pleased with the van...or "that Bohemoth" as we call it. It's not a glamorous vehicle, but 99% of the time it gets the job done without too much trouble. Driving it in the fresh snow is an ordeal though. I've never been one to stay in because of the snow, but after driving the Boy to school a few mornings before the roads have been cleared well has changed me. Preschool just isn't that important.

The big kids are looking forward to her arrival. Especially the big girls. I know I am. I'm actually looking forward to all parts of getting her here. I'm anxious to see how Bean takes to her little sister. I don't anticipate any problems, but she's been the "baby" for almost 3 years, so it will be an adjustment for her. Especially when it comes to losing our one-on-one time when the Boy's at school. At least for the most part Little Bit will only eat and sleep which won't change our routines too much.

We had our last ultrasound a week ago. We got some nice pictures of Little Bit. She's still a girl (I'm holding out hope that if I deliver her on April Fools, Dr. Sosic will seriously say "It's a Boy!") She still has HUGE feet. She looks different than the other girls do. Maybe I should say she looks different than Bear and Bean since they are the only two that we had 3D pictures of. She may look like Bug, but she's definitely not going to look like Bear and Bean. I hope she doesn't look too much like her brother. He's a handsome boy, but he just wouldn't make a pretty girl. Know what I mean ;-)

Here are a few of the pictures from her ultrasound. A perfect little fist. All 5 fingers.
Here's a shot of her face. It was difficult to get a good shot because her hands are always in front of her face.
The dark shadow across her upper lip, that Bug called a mustache, is actually her umbilical cord, which she likes to suck on.

The only things I can think of that I still need to get done before Little Bit's arrival are getting out the baby clothes and having them all put away and finding all my stuff that I had saved from when I made Bean's cloth diapers. I need to find them because my diapers start at the 12 pound range with mediums. I need to get everything together so my friend Lynne can make me up the newborn diapers I need.