Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inexpensive Meat

After dropping the Boy off at preschool, one morning last week, Bean and I made a trip to our local Wal-Mart. I love going to Wal-mart first thing in the morning...it's devoid of crowds, I almost always get one of the first parking spaces closest to the store, and there are nearly no lines in the check-out. Oh yeah, and the best part is first thing in the morning, the meat department marks down meat that has a sell by date within 48 hours. I was able to get 10 pounds of 80/20 ground chuck for $1.68 per pound. I love it! I usually stock up when the grocery store sells it for around $2.00/pound. I immediately came home and packaged it into meal size portions (2 pounds for us) and froze it for later this month. I was also able to get some boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $.99/pound at another grocery store earlier using the same "technique" of shopping early and looking at the stuff that was marked down for a quick sale. I can't tell you how excited I was to get the chicken breasts. I must admit, I was a bit prideful and bragged about my find on Facebook. For more great kitchen tips, stop by Kitchen Tip Tuesday tammysrecipes.com

I had hoped to post my menu for the week yesterday, but never got around to it, so her it is now.

Monday: Meatball Sandwiches, Mashed potatoes, and beans

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner--waffles, sausage, and fried potatoes

Wednesday: Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup, fresh bread (hopefully. I've managed to ruin the last 6 I've tired to make) and salad

Thursday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, rice and corn

Friday: Pizza & Movie Night 2 pepperoni pizzas, veggie sticks, and hopefully Anne of Green Gables. I'm in need of a good chick flick...unless there's a Leafs game on. Then DH will comandeer the tv.

Saturday: Chicken Tenders, mashed potatoes, something green...probably broccoli.

Sunday: Spare ribs, baked potatoes, applesauce

Friday, September 25, 2009

Peace in the Potty

One thing I long for in my house is peace...peace and being able to go potty by myself...even better, not having to take someone potty every 25 minutes. What is that...three things? I don't ask for much do I? Bean and I were sitting on the porch swing, soaking up the last rays of sun on a lovely fall day before a weekend of predicted rain. When we were joined by a Boy doing the potty dance. "Mommy, I need you to go potty with me!" followed by frantic dancing. "No, buddy, you can go pee by yourself. Go by yourself and I'll give you a piece of candy." He disappears for a few minutes only to return with the dancing much more frantically. "Mommy I NEED YOU!!" So much for a few minutes of peace and quiet on a nice fall evening... I followed him half way up the stairs. Then the Boy turns and says "Mommy, I don't need you any more. I can pee by myself." Biting my tongue and thinking to myself "I know you can go potty by yourself. I asked you to already." So I sat down on the steps fearing that the Boy had waited too long to make it safely to the potty. Moments later he reappears with his pants pulled up (Thank Heavens! usually they're off and waving in the wind). I praise him for going by himself and help him choose a candy.

In the time it has taken me to type the first paragraph, Bean has come to me demanding potty. She won't come inside though. Guess she doesn't have to go that badly. Bean has just completed potty training and remains dry at night. The most unpleasantness I have dealt with concerning her "needs" is the occasional "oops, I started to have an accident, but we made it to the potty any way" The two best things about Bean being potty trained are 1. For the first time in 6 yes 6 years I have no one in diapers(well for 6 months any way)...I don't have to worry about having diapers or even pull-ups in my purse, or a big bulky diaper bag when we go any where. and 2. Bean potty trained herself. It was a much longer process than the other children, but much less labor/mom intensive. She came to me in January with a pair of the boys undies and demanded "Unnies on!!" "No Bean, you don't need to wear undies. You wear diapers. You're a little girl." She wouldn't take "No" for an answer. She got to wear them 5 minutes before having an accident. The next day lead to a trip to the local "Stuff-Mart" To purchase pull ups. I didn't do much more for her other than change her when wet and messy like usual, but by March when I found some motivation, she was mostly wet trained and would tell me immediately after having an accident. Unfortunately, once I started to show some more involvement and guidance, we had a 2 month relapse. Once summer came though, we were both ready for another try. We quickly got back to where we were with the pee training, and #2 quickly followed. By the time school rolled around, we went into training undies and have been virtually accident free since then. Yippee!! Bean however needs an assisted trip to the potty every hour or so. It seems my day is filled with trips up and down the steps. But I would rather up and down the steps and being done with potty training.

Peace however...that is something I struggle to attain. I know that my Heavenly Father is the source of peace, and by spending daily time with Him, prayer, and practicing His presence, I can attain the peace I so greatly desire. It seems to take so very much practice and I feel I am so much out of practice. That would be why God is on my "To Do" List. In my goal of attaining the daily habit of time with God, but even greatness must start somewhere. Most days though...the peace I most desire is 5 minutes on the potty without someone screaming bloody murder, barging in on me, or urging me to hurry I gotta go. ;-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Victories

This morning, Bean and I made a sock puppet with yarn hair while the3 Boy was at school. It was a nice little project. I enjoyed it, but she was only mildly interested in it since she wasn't allowed to use the sharpies to color on it. The Boy came home and I started to make lunch. After lunch, I came into the living room to put in a video for the big kids to watch while I rocked Bean to sleep. I noticed my sock puppet on the floor minus his yarn hair. I was a little disappointed and asked who had pulled his hair out. Laila and Bean both said they didn't. The Boy was still finishing up his lunch in the other room. I picked up the sock puppet and hair off the floor and put it up to mend him later and went up to rock Beanie to sleep. After getting her to sleep, I came down and sat down with the kids. They asked to finish the video, which I let them. Then the Boy came to me with tears and blubbered "Mommy, I pulled the hair off your sock puppet." I know he was afraid of his consequence by his reluctance to tell me, and his tears. I explained that I was disappointed that he ruined my toy, but I was so happy that he told the truth. I am so proud of him for telling me the truth all on his own. He is the first child to lie to get out of trouble. Even when I see him hit or take a toy from his sisters, he will say he didn't thinking it will get him out of trouble. I feel like we've gained such a huge victory with him over this. I just hope that he continues to tell the truth.

I also tried a few new recipes this past week. Monday night I made "Mom's Best Meatloaf" from
Allrecipes.com . It was absolutely horrible. DH and the little B's were so disappointed and grumpy about a bad meal. Last night though I had a "victory" in that I made this crock pot chicken recipe. It was delicious! It was pretty easy too...other than the skinning the chicken part. Let me just say, skinned chickens look really, really sad. I'm sure this recipe would also translate to a regular roast chicken recipe too. Then you could leave the chicken on and slip the rosemary and lemons under the skin. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Beginnings

All ready to start down the path of learning.

Bean wanted to go to school too. She tries to slip out the door with the big kids and Daddy.

Today, the Boy started his second week of preschool. He went off much the same as Bug did. Nary a tear or worry about what he would do without mommy. We walked into his classroom last Tuesday, I gave him a suggestion of joining the classmate playing cars and that was it. He could hardly be bothered to hear me say "Bye Buddy. See you after school." His favorite part hands down is outdoor play time on the playground. The school has a great playground and he looks forward to the end of each day when it is time to go out. Right now, he's riding home with his classmate, who I babysit. It's so nice to have someone to car-pool with. I enjoy getting him after school, but since the other mom brings the kids, I'm able to have lunch ready and waiting.
Playing cars

Bean has been having a little trouble adjusting to her brother being gone. She likes to have me all to herself, but she is turning out to be a high maintenance kid. Anyone have suggestions on what I can give her to do so I can get some things done while the Boy is at school?

I think I'm beginning to turn the corner in my pregnancy, to the part where the all day sickness is less prevalent, and the indigestion I've been suffering from starts to become less significant. I've also noticed I've begun to have more energy. What a blessing that is. Of course that also means that I'm entering the stage where none of my clothes fit. Unfortunately after I had Bean, I got rid of most of my maternity clothes thinking i was done. I've been able to scrounge up a few pair of pants from friends, but just my luck everyone has loaned out their tops. I guess I'll have to be selfish again and use my pay from babysitting this month for myself. I was hoping to do something fun like help DH pay off his dental bills, or take the kids to Build a Bear or "wild a bear" as Bug calls it.

Tomorrow night is another "new beginning". It's the first preseason hockey game for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Dh is an avid fan...it also means that I won't have an option about what is on the television for the next ...oh till about June after the Stanley Cup Finals are done. I will every now and again, demand that I need a break from hockey. Especially since it's on 5-6 nights a week. Football fans have it much easier ;-). Actually I usually don't mind too much. Mostly I enjoy it, but there is a point when it gets old. Hopefully we'll be able to get to a game this season. I enjoy them much more in person.
Let's Go Leafs!!