Thursday, April 15, 2010

one month ago...

One month ago, I announced on my facebook that i would have my little girl by 6:00am the next day...boy was I wrong... I've decided though that since Marielle is a month old, I should get around to blogging about her. So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Marielle Elizabeth Thompson. She joined us at 4:49pm on March 16, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces (the exact same weight as her cousin born just 3 days earlier...I think that's so cool.)

Marielle is the fifth "B". Part of the reason waited so long to blog about her is because I was searching for the perfect "B". I tried several references to the size of her feet, as they're sweet, but quite large for a little tiny girl.

As you recall, we've know for quite some time that she would have firm grounding.

I finally decided on "Belle" as it rhymes with her name.

Belle's pregnancy was a difficult one for me. Not overly difficult by standards, but compared to my others my most difficult by far. First it was the worst case of morning sickness to date. And it lasted well into my second trimester. I didn't mind too terribly much though because I knew that the hormones causing my morning sickness were the same ones that meant my baby was growing strong and the likely hood of miscarrying her was low. Then there was the issue with my blood sugar being too high. Thankfully it stopped short of being gestational diabetes, but i did have to cut back on my sweets and carbs. Then at our 34 week ultrasound, the doctor declared my amniotic fluid level borderline on being too low, and Belle's heart rate too high. Off I went to OB for a non-stress test on her. She passed, but for my next several appointments, Dr. said he would monitor my fluid level. If he thought it was too low, well we'd be having a baby.

As luck would have it, a week later I caught a bad cold. i coughed and coughed. So much so that Istarted spotting, and felt like i might've been leaking amniotic fluid too. The worst part...Dr. was out of town. So I called the office to see what they recommended. I was told to call OB and get their opinion. They wanted me to come up for observation. The verdict...I had an upper respiratory infection but was not leaking fluid. So I was put on bed rest by the on call Dr. I wasn't happy. The nurses told me I just had to make it to Monday when Dr. would be back, and Belle would be 37 weeks. I had big plans for the weekend after all...Rich was taking me out for my birthday. Except for my cough, I felt perfectly fine. Thankfully, Rich had a long weekend as I was put on bed rest Thursday and he was off Friday.

Somehow I made it through the boredom of the weekend and made it to Monday when I had an appointment with my doctor. He started me off with a non stress test. It wasn't good. Belle's heart rate was high until I turned on my side and it went down to "normal". Then came an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. Even more bad news. I could tell from the start Dr. was not happy. He wore a seriously concerned look and didn't say too much. He asked if I felt like I was leaking, which I thought I might've been over the weekend, but I wasn't going back to OB after being told it was all in my head on Thursday. He checked, lo and behold I was. Back to the hospital for observation and another ultrasound at the end of the day. If my levels had dropped at all I was going to be induced. They did. My nurse came in at 6:00 (right after I'd sent rich home to eat dinner) and asked how I felt about having a baby. Of course I was ready, so I was started on pitocin. I HAVE to remember to ask to be induced by having my water broken if there is a next time. Five hours of pitocin later and i'd barely started having contractions. I was certain once we started things that i would have Belle here in 12 hours or less. I know Aunt B was hoping that it would take 6 hours or less so Belle would share her birthday. I did my best, but Belle just wasn't going anywhere.

After Rich and I had a fitful night's sleep, I sent him home to help Mom get the big kids off to school. While he was gone, Dr came in and broke my water. Okay, now I was uncomfortable. I still hadn't dilated much more than 3 cm. I was a little discouraged. She was supposed to be there by now and I was still in labor. What had I done to deserve such a long labor...About noon I was only 5-6 cm and things were really starting to hurt. I told the nurse I was ready for some pain meds. I was greatly opposed to having an epidural. That needle just freaks me out. Something that big should be nowhere near my spinal cord. Two doses of Stadol later I was nearly in tears. I was so exhausted and i just couldn't take the pain any more. I told rich it was time to find a nurse...I was going to have an epidural. That was about 1:30. Rich was watching "The Great Escape" on TMC. The anesthesiologist came in and was explaining side effects and all....I didn't care...I was ready to do whatever it took to make the pain go away. I did get a glimpse of that huge needle when I was being prepped and almost chickened out. But the pain and need for relief was greater than that. Let me just say that until Belle got out it was heaven not to feel anything.

About two hours later, I was fully dilated and felt quite a bit more relaxed and a tiny bit rested. I did still feel my contractions some what but no pain. The Doctor came in and we were ready to start pushing. A few minutes in, my doctor exclaimed "Boy that's a big head!" Let me tell you (as all you mom's know) that is the last thing anyone wants to hear as you're squeezing a human out your...well you know. After 5 minutes of pushing, I stopped long enough to ask if her head was out yet. Nope she was stuck. Another 5 minutes later (10 minutes total of nonstop no waiting for contractions) pushing, Belle was here. A few hours later, I decided my epidural was not worth it. I have had headaches for 3 weeks because of leaking spinal fluid, but they've finally gone away. I won't ever have another epidural again and i've really got to remember to tell the doctors to lay off the pitocin and just break my water already.

Everyone loves their little sister and seems to be adjusting well to her presence. She has continued to be the most difficult child to date (since i have 5 and counting). She came home and immediately had newborn jaundice. It took 2 weeks on the light belt to cure her of that. The second day she was on it, we almost ended up with her hospitalized because she just wasn't pooping and there was no way for her to get rid of the biliruben. But all's well that ends well.