Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ends and Beginnings

I love this time of year. When school is winding down and summer stretches out full of unplanned days, endless possibilities, sunshine and flowers. Mr. Man came home from work today in a great mood. Tomorrow is the last day of school. He is very excited to have a break and all the paperwork behind him. The children and I are quite excited too. Knowing that Daddy will be home all summer for us to play with and enjoy. We are all looking forward to the special time we get together as a family and the beginning of many happy memories. Bug is a bit sad though because it is the last day of kindergarten. She will miss her teacher and all the friends she has made this year. She is looking forward to visits with her Grandparents though. This year will be the first year that she and Bear get some one-on-one time with Grammie & Papa. She and Bear will have lots of fun with Harrison the Rooster and the hens, Molly and ANnie the dogs, and of course Auntie Kayla, Auntie Kristin, and Uncle Jim. I'm looking forward to sending them off on thier adventure with GRammie and hearing about all the new memories they make.

I am looking forward to the beginning of summer's warmth. I love waking in the morning to the sun streaming in my windows and hearing the birds chirping and singing their morning songs. The little ones all wake happier with the sunshine and we all get to have fun and make new memories together.

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