Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Beginnings

All ready to start down the path of learning.

Bean wanted to go to school too. She tries to slip out the door with the big kids and Daddy.

Today, the Boy started his second week of preschool. He went off much the same as Bug did. Nary a tear or worry about what he would do without mommy. We walked into his classroom last Tuesday, I gave him a suggestion of joining the classmate playing cars and that was it. He could hardly be bothered to hear me say "Bye Buddy. See you after school." His favorite part hands down is outdoor play time on the playground. The school has a great playground and he looks forward to the end of each day when it is time to go out. Right now, he's riding home with his classmate, who I babysit. It's so nice to have someone to car-pool with. I enjoy getting him after school, but since the other mom brings the kids, I'm able to have lunch ready and waiting.
Playing cars

Bean has been having a little trouble adjusting to her brother being gone. She likes to have me all to herself, but she is turning out to be a high maintenance kid. Anyone have suggestions on what I can give her to do so I can get some things done while the Boy is at school?

I think I'm beginning to turn the corner in my pregnancy, to the part where the all day sickness is less prevalent, and the indigestion I've been suffering from starts to become less significant. I've also noticed I've begun to have more energy. What a blessing that is. Of course that also means that I'm entering the stage where none of my clothes fit. Unfortunately after I had Bean, I got rid of most of my maternity clothes thinking i was done. I've been able to scrounge up a few pair of pants from friends, but just my luck everyone has loaned out their tops. I guess I'll have to be selfish again and use my pay from babysitting this month for myself. I was hoping to do something fun like help DH pay off his dental bills, or take the kids to Build a Bear or "wild a bear" as Bug calls it.

Tomorrow night is another "new beginning". It's the first preseason hockey game for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Dh is an avid fan...it also means that I won't have an option about what is on the television for the next ...oh till about June after the Stanley Cup Finals are done. I will every now and again, demand that I need a break from hockey. Especially since it's on 5-6 nights a week. Football fans have it much easier ;-). Actually I usually don't mind too much. Mostly I enjoy it, but there is a point when it gets old. Hopefully we'll be able to get to a game this season. I enjoy them much more in person.
Let's Go Leafs!!

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  1. "the other mom" lol I think I know that little golden brown child next to that handsome boy playing cars ;)