Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Victories

This morning, Bean and I made a sock puppet with yarn hair while the3 Boy was at school. It was a nice little project. I enjoyed it, but she was only mildly interested in it since she wasn't allowed to use the sharpies to color on it. The Boy came home and I started to make lunch. After lunch, I came into the living room to put in a video for the big kids to watch while I rocked Bean to sleep. I noticed my sock puppet on the floor minus his yarn hair. I was a little disappointed and asked who had pulled his hair out. Laila and Bean both said they didn't. The Boy was still finishing up his lunch in the other room. I picked up the sock puppet and hair off the floor and put it up to mend him later and went up to rock Beanie to sleep. After getting her to sleep, I came down and sat down with the kids. They asked to finish the video, which I let them. Then the Boy came to me with tears and blubbered "Mommy, I pulled the hair off your sock puppet." I know he was afraid of his consequence by his reluctance to tell me, and his tears. I explained that I was disappointed that he ruined my toy, but I was so happy that he told the truth. I am so proud of him for telling me the truth all on his own. He is the first child to lie to get out of trouble. Even when I see him hit or take a toy from his sisters, he will say he didn't thinking it will get him out of trouble. I feel like we've gained such a huge victory with him over this. I just hope that he continues to tell the truth.

I also tried a few new recipes this past week. Monday night I made "Mom's Best Meatloaf" from . It was absolutely horrible. DH and the little B's were so disappointed and grumpy about a bad meal. Last night though I had a "victory" in that I made this crock pot chicken recipe. It was delicious! It was pretty easy too...other than the skinning the chicken part. Let me just say, skinned chickens look really, really sad. I'm sure this recipe would also translate to a regular roast chicken recipe too. Then you could leave the chicken on and slip the rosemary and lemons under the skin. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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