Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random bits

Have you ever just lacked motivation? I've been on the computer plenty, made up my menus and everything, just haven't felt much like writing. I'm sorry. It's not fair to you. I'd like to say we've been busy, but I really don't feel like I have. I've just been lazy. We have had a few changes around here though. We're all decorated for Christmas. I'm trying to get ready for Bear's birthday, which is in one week. We will be having our families up Sunday for the church Christmas program. Bug has a speaking part. Bear and the Boy will be sheep. I'm not sure if Bean will have a part or not. Since my parents decided to come for that, it seemed the best time for having Bear's birthday party. So, we'll have a houseful with sets of grandparents, my grandparents, most likely our niece, and my brother and sister. Of course, I feel compelled to do a nice dinner, but it's beginning to feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew just by prepping for the dinner and house cleaning that needs done any way. I just can't seem to find the motivation to get it all done.

Little Bit, though has been growing like a weed. I was convinced last night that I must have another kidney stone. I called my doctor wondering what to do, little by little the pain ended up going away. I've had a terrible ache in my back right above my one hip for the last 3 or 4 days. Yesterday, it got the best of me. Since I never did hear back from my doctor, rich and I decided that it wasn't a kidney stone, but more likely Little Bit was lying with her back to my belly button and her hands or feet were pushing on my kidneys. She finally moved and I think she's laying the "normal" way as I’ve not had any significant back pain since last night. She's starting to stick boney little appendages out of my sides too. Doesn't like when I rub them to try to get them to draw back in and not stretch, but she's a stubborn little one. She keeps them right where she wants them to be. She must at least be comfortable.

We've added a few new members to our family. On the Saturday after thanksgiving, DH let me get a dwarf hamster that I’ve been wanting for a while. She’s a cute little thing. The kids love to watch her and want to play with her, but the few times I’ve tried to handle her, I’ve been nipped. I don't think the kids would like that. Freckles was quite intrigued by her. I think she wanted to play with it too. She’ll stand up on her hind legs and just sniff at the cage and look at the hamster when it's awake. She has had her nose bitten for her curiosity too. Since I got the hamster, Rich got a few fish. Right now we have 2 tiger barbs and 2 zebra danias(sp?). For now, until he gets the tank cycled that's all the fish we'll have, but we're hoping to add 3 more tiger barbs, a catfish, and 2 pink fish of some kind. Each of the kids has requested a certain type of fish except Bean. The Catfish is for the Boy, tiger barbs for Bear, and the pink fish for Bug.

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