Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

It's that time of year again...back to school. I have mixed feelings about "Back to School." This year, I have anticipated sending Bug back to school, and Bear off to school. Mr. Man on the other hand, I do not enjoy sending back to school. Sending him back to school means much whining an gnashing of teeth on the part of Bean. Bear usually joins her, but this year, she went off with him, so it was a non-issue. I was a little concerned at Bear's first adventures in all day schooling.

Last year, she attended a half-day preschool three days a week. It took her 4 to 5 weeks to fully adjust to leaving Mommy for a classroom full of strangers. Yesterday, Bear entered in to Pre-K and did better than expected. I'm sure some of that rests on the fact that she was well acquainted with 3 of her classmates. One of whom was one of the girls I babysat for the last 2 months. She did have a little bit of trouble once she was on the bus. She bravely climbed on the bus with Bug and her best friend Spencer. Once she was situated in her seat she started to have second thoughts about leaving Daddy's school to go to her own across town. She started to wail in the normal dramatic Bear fashion. The worst part was not that Bear was upset and crying, but shortly after Bear started crying Spencer bolted off the bus and for his mom. Bear's tears were too much for him on the first day of Kindergarten. Bear proceeded to cry across thrown and eventually settled down by the time she arrived at her school. She then had a great day until it was time to get on the bus again. This time her uncertainty again lead to tears since the Pre-K kids are put on the buses before the First graders. She was certain she wasn't going to be joined by Bug. When I met the bus with the little kids, though, she was as happy as could be and a lot more agreeable than Bug at the end of the day. Bug on the other hand was very whiny and tired.

Bear all ready with Daddy for the first day.

Bug joins Bear at the door ready to go. She's grumpy because she doesn't want the Boy in the picture too.

Bear and Spencer waiting for the bus to arrive

Bug waiting too.

All in all I'd say we had a pretty good first day of school. No one got lost on the way home or got off the bus crying hysterically...we didn't find out that our baby didn't have a heart beat...or that Mommy was going to go bananas with grief.

In fact quite the opposite. I'm doing quite well other than super persistent case of all day morning sickness and a little guy with awfully big feet. Hence, I would like to introduce you to the fifth "B"...Bigfoot. His estimated date of arrival is April 3. I hope to soon show you why I have dubbed him "Bigfoot", but my scanner is currently down.

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